Friday, April 27, 2007

Last Night's Class...

(The Room)

We held our class for the Learning Annex last night ("How to Start a T-Shirt Line"). Of course the two Alex's rolled in about 20 minutes late. NICE...It went pretty well but Alex V was dropping the "F" bomb every other word and came off as angry t-shirt guy. It was hilarious given the fact that there were some grandparent types in the room. We had over 100 people show and I think they learned something, but who knows.

Hard to teach how to really do everything in a two hour session...but we gave out some key info.

This will probably be my last class...over it. I think I am becoming completely complacent with everything...not good. Time to seek out new adventure.

I did get one crazy ass email after the class from an attendee. I really want to share it but in good taste and to protect the innocent and their good intentions, I will, for once, actually refrain from embarrassing anybody.

(start time...where are the Alex's? Look how thrilled they all look to be here!)

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