Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger From a Friend - Save Us From Paris

Robin Weitz, writer extraordinaire, just sent this very letter to the Governor with regards to Paris Hilton...SO FUNNY...He really did send it because I was CC'd on the correspondence.

Dear Gov. Schwarzenegger,

I'm writing in regard to Paris Hilton, who clearly does not deserve 45 days in county jail. What she deserves is permanent house arrest, or the death penalty, whichever is easier to implement, so that the public, myself included, does not have to endure this ubiquitous, talentless, soulless, illiterate, spoiled rich brat any more.

I ask that you exercise your authority as governor to "Put Paris Away for Good!" I'd rather sit through a four-hour Director's Cut of "Twins" with a drunk Danny Devito next to me, vomiting Lemoncello in my lap, than be forced to see Paris Hilton flitting around another exclusive Hollywood party. She is a public menace and must be stopped. By copy of this e-mail to my friends, I hope they support this initiative as well.

Yours gratefully,

(Mr.) Robin Weitz
Los Angeles, CA

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