Sunday, May 6, 2007

Paris on the way to eat Sushi!

I ran into my man Jason Moore this weekend who has the illustrious job of being Paris Hilton's manager. He says she is heading to Japan Monday...wonder if she is coming back? They are going to appeal, of course, but the truth behind what is really going to happen on June 5th is not what all of the world hopes. If she goes in she will have her own security detail and will be isolated from the rest of the inmates. She IS NOT going to be thrust into Gen Pop in County. My guess is she will be in there for a week max.

On another note while Jason was walking up he was on the phone with my good friend and master of ceremonies for the Bull Run ( Unfortunately for him, Paris was going to do the notorious road race (turned to Spike TV reality show). He was seriously bummed...oh well. Having done the race two years ago in a Mercedes SL 55 AMG, I am sure there will be plenty of nutso antics even without Paris.

Will try and get updates on this...even before Perez. hahahah

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