Monday, May 7, 2007

You know why I love Swindle Magazine?

Because they love their magazine more than I do. They pay so much attention to detail that they send the magazine in a cardboard package so it doesn't get ruined in the mail. I always look forward to getting my comped issue of the magazine which is always the highest of quality. So good...props to Roger and Sonja for kicking ass and taking names later...while other mags are dying on the vine I would venture to guess Swindle will be here until the apocolypse.

If you haven't checked out their "Icons" issue, I think it is one of the best mags I have ever read on the pot.

Now use my shit for once hahahaha!!!

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Phonejaxx A.K.A. Black Squirrel Alliance said...

FYI I'm doing an illustration for them ....