Thursday, September 6, 2007

Helluva Day

I am buried in boxes of kids denim from Kasil and Fall product from TLFI which I am systematically (not really) dolling out to the Hollywood elite. The Witherspoon, Pitt-Jolie, Roberts, Cruise and Arquette grommets will be first to get the Kasil jeans. True Love we are getting out there in the midst of pulls for InTouch, Blink, Pasadena Mag, Cosmo and Lucky. Instinct mag just came out with a pictorial of Ross The Intern in Kasils, Local Celebrity and TLFI. I'm thirsty as hell and my Xenergy fridge (left over from the Xyience days) is no longer frosting my beverages to taste. I am still waiting for a contract for a big fashion show I will be handling for LA Fashion WEAK. I just finished a client report for Kasil (I loathe doing client reports). I need to make some color copies. I have to DHL a bunch of packages but can't get through to the other side of the office due to all day meetings in the conference room. Don't ask. Also making sure Kasil is ready for an Emmy Suite we are doing Monday and Tuesday at the Peninsula. I am off to ASR (Action Sports Retailer) trade show tomorrow so the PLOP will be vacant til Wednesday. I do, however, promise there should be some good roundups when I return of the suite (I helped recruit talent and models - Eve Torres and Brittany Kara from the Xyience days) and the trade show. I am also going to get out of here today before dark so I can surf, even if it kills me.

Until then keep on Ploppin on.

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Mrs Fashion said...

Hope you made it to the waves!