Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jason Ferro from Bread Denim stops in

Jason and I go way back to the surf industry days where we worked together at a now defunct company called Spyderbilt. That was an interesting, but quick, moment in my career that involved treachery, adultery, mysterious fires and general weirdness. That is another story. Jason has started a denim line that is about a year old and starting to catch fire. Jason has been a top denim designer in town for years with brands like Levi's, Guess? (anyone remember when the brand was called Guess Who?) and LA Denim Atelier (his pet project at Guess?).

Look for more info on Bread soon, but in the meantime read this insane article written on Jason in the NY Times:


Anonymous said...

Jason is a great friend to me and has always amazed me with his good thoughts for others which I think will be a main reason for his continuing success. I am so proud of this person. The best part is..the best 'creation' is yet to come.
Much love Jas
- Mike Dyson

Anonymous said...

Jason is a hoodlum and con man.

Plopculture - an inside look into the inside said...

thats at the plop we love hoodlums and con men