Monday, November 12, 2007

Who are your Google Twins?

When I search my name on Google (yes my life is that pathetic...but admit do it too) I find the following evil dopplegangers of myself:

1. A leading cancer research specialist from Harvard
2. A division 2 football player
3. A CEO of a mobile tech startup
4. A spokesperson for an NBA basketball team
5. An Executive VP of a tech company
6. Me...snooze

Email me or post a list of your Google twins and the person with the most interesting (and verifiable) list will win a special prize.*

* Valid on the USA. Nobody with my name will be considered. Anyone who has a serial killer, porn star or fallen celebrity with the same name will get extra points.


Jenna Fogle said...

Google twin:

1. A victim of domestic assault in Vermont, currently with a restraining order against her boyfriend.

2. Student at University of Texas majoring in Advertising.

3. A 19 year old married mother of two from bohunk Georgia who sits on the board for her local church.

4. Me. Damn, I'm looking pretty good!

Plopculture - an inside look into the inside said...

we love us some jenna fogle. great list. so far we have 3 submissions...keep em coming loyal readers