Monday, January 14, 2008

Broken Lips - Mary Jo Matsumoto to the rescue

So I am sitting at my desk biting my broken sun-busted lips with no relief in site. The weekend was spent surfing fun Venice Breakwater (yes I said FUN). The Breakwater was actually working long rights while it was closing out everywhere else where there were waves in L.A.

Anyways, I get to my mail and open it and lo and behold is a small package with a nice note from my girl Mary Jo Matsumoto ( It turns out she is making lip balm for men and women. The men's (which I got) is like putting a mellow version of Vick's Vaporub on your lips. Seems to be working with just one coating. My lips are in heaven and ready to go to work.

I am not sure if you can get it yet because, as with anything MJM does, it is made in limited quantity. However, go to and see if you can convince her to sell you some. It's meant to be 100% pure, not tested on animals (besides me) and is damn good.

Thanks MJ!!!!

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Mary Jo Matsumoto said...

I'm glad you got it...finally! There must be some happy postman running around BH sporting silky smooth lips.
Anyway, thanks for the post and I'll be writing more about it tomorrow over at trustyourstyle. Guess it's officially for sale now--quantities unlimited!