Thursday, January 3, 2008

So I have gotten paranoid in my old age

Over the holiday I spent a little time reading some crime drama that was left in the kitchen here at work. It was ok...not great...don't even remember the title but the reviews on it were amazing. I wasn't impressed. It dealt with carbombs and treachery and bribery. Fun stuff. I also watched an On Demand piece on the John Gotti regime. I love that shit.

So why am I telling you this? When I got back in my car after work last night I noticed my sun visor was down on the driver's side. I don't remember taking it down and got all paranoid that there was a bomb wired in the car or someone was in my car when I was in the office. Now there are a few people that don't like me, but it is doubtful there is a soul that truthfully wants to blow my ass through the roof of my car (which is still waiting to get fixed from the hit and run - fucking insurance). I was totally being a dork but literally got on the dashboard behind the steering wheel to check for wires. Then I quickly did a hail Mary (not really since I am a heeb) and flipped it up. No bomb. Next I closed the door. No bomb. Finally the last test...the ignition. No bomb.

Oh well...I bet the wires jostled loose when I got in the car...amateur assassins!

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