Friday, February 1, 2008

Rip Off Artist of the Day - Jay Jay's Australia

My girl Anna Kirby Down Under let the claws out last night in a scathing and litigious email to Aussie retailer Jay Jay's. It seems they have blatantly ripped off and have been selling a shirt that is a complete copy cat of the Local Celebrity "After Hours" tee. Anna, through the company she works for Stomp Pty., is the distributor of LC Down Under so she has a vested interest in the brand. Based on the email letter (which I was CC'd on) I now know who not to fuck with!

Well I was going to post a copy of the copy tee this morning but it seems the tee has since been removed from the site. If anyone has a pic of the shirt from Jay Jay's please email it to me.

Meanwhile here is a pic of the original tee in question:

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