Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Big Decision - REVEALED (an exclusive news break)

After over 3 1/2 great years starting and running my division at the company I work for, I have decided to go back into business for myself (so I can surf more...not really). The parent company will be called rp-rt (logo above is a rough hack I put together for the purposes of this post). I will be doing several things including, but not limited to:

1) Expose NY (Fall '08 and Spring/Fall '09) and Expose LA (Spring '09) - Invite only brand showcase/trade event geared towards top tier fashion editors and stylists. (http://www.expose-ny.com/ coming soon)

2) Managing athletes, talent and creatives procuring them roles, endorsements, appearances, press and jobs. My first two clients include Director Paul "Coy" Allen and UFC fighter Jorge Gurgel (partnering with Jervis Cole on all signed fighters). Paul is set to direct two up coming music videos (one back East that I hope to be a part of as well) and a feature film project. Jorge is reading for a couple of film roles and is fighting in the Octagon in July.

3) Producing - two reality television projects (partnering with Matt Westmore on this). One involves the surf world and the other the MMA world. Going to the North Shore in May with Matt for research and I am super stoked about this. Also producing a surf film with Geoff Clark, Isolated - Irain Jani. More on all these projects later including some other potential gigs.

4) Consulting - I will be available for select one-off engagements including brand consulting, launch events, sponsorships and brand acquisitions.

Not sure if this is the right time and place to be taking a risk in myself given the state of our economy, but at this point it's either now or never. Not sure how the Plop will fit into this equation, but I do hope to keep it up...though it will be potentially sparse and not as interesting as in the past. This is going to be an interesting, scary, fun, crazy time...but I guess it is all about RPRT (if you have to ask, it isn't worth explaining)!!!!


Lawrence said...

Thats awesome man! It takes allot of guts to go out on your own , good luck to you! If you need any help outta the NW let me know.

Plopculture - an inside look into the inside said...

thanks my man...for sure will do. love it up there

MUNK ONE™ said...

Thats cool man, Nothin like being your own boss.


Alan Weibel said...


Plopculture - an inside look into the inside said...

alan...email me (i dont have it)...i have a question for you my man

Nick said...

good on you! congrats. best.

Jimmy Jones said...

Congradulations. Glad to see you pulled the trigger. You'll do fine, your kind of skills are good in any type of economy.

You watching the fights this weekend?

Plopculture - an inside look into the inside said...

thanks my man...what jimmy says goes.

if 2tone invites me i am there