Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shoot at Baker Boys with Erik Ellington and YRB Magazine

Sorry for the late post today but I had to leave for a shoot early this morning and then had to run to my accountant to figure out how much I will be getting reamed by the government this year for my corporate taxes. is the story.

Today we were shooting EE at the Baker Boys headquarters for a piece in YRB magazine for February. The shoot was really cool and the photog ( opted to shoot E in some of the more grittier settings of the warehouse where construction was still going down. BBD is growing and they recently took over the warehouse next door to house more Brigada Eyewear, Deathwish skates and soon SHAKE JUNT gear ( If you have not yet checked out that site you should...though its a skate site there is mayhem and fun for everyone (shout out to Shane Heyl of the PD crew).

We also had Steven and Johnny on hand with a DV cam shooting some footage for something which may or not be associated with PROJECT X (announcement to come soon).

EE on the pool table reconned from a porn set from the warehouse next door.

EE is his new (yet to be built out) design space at the Baker Boys compound. Decks on the wall.

Photog Jeff gets dialed in with some Brigada's (and a signed Deathwish deck) after the shoot for being a cool cat to work with. Big ups to Geo Dex and the crew at YRB for setting this up.

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