Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar and Independent Spirit Award Weekend - Day 1 Wrap Up

So there is a ton to report on from the weekend but I am too slammed to give it a solid write up. I will upload the pics and make commentary in true Plop wrap-up form. Wish you were there with us...but you weren't invited:

So I picked up Courtney Hazlett from LAX and we hustled to the Four Seasons to get ready for a busy day. We had a package waiting for us and we needed to check it out. My friend Anny from Birks ( sent about $42k in diamonds for Court to wear to the weekend events (in return CH made two on air mentions and one in column brand mention). The stuff was gorgeous but I felt like I had a target on my back waiting for her room to get ready. So...we headed to the pool for a bite to eat.

The food, though pricy, is always amazing at the Four Seasons. After eating Court went to her room and got ready for a day (of what we thought) of gifting suites. I was in the elevator with the actress from Slumdog Millionaire (who I had no idea who she was) and you could tell they were bothered I didn't aknowledge who she was when I got in. I was just disgusted by her talking to the guy she was with (Marc Anthony looking cat...husband? manager? both?) about wondering if Dior has watches so she could get some free. Vomit. I only realized who she was when I got to the lobby and about 30 people were there fawning over her and kissing her ass.

On another note I did see Larry Flynt's ride there again. I think he lives at the hotel. His Bentley is always parked out front (License Plate - Hustlr).

We went to GBK and though the suite was good, nobody walked Courtney through so we just rushed through and introduced ourselves to the people she was interested in talking to. Here she is with the baby from Benjamin Button.

Court x GBK x K-Swiss (Mr. Ken Loo presiding).

Here is Courtney with one of the people from my old office I loved...Lynda Dorf. If you know L.D. you know she is no bullshit, in your face, don't fuck with me but sweet as hell. I love her style and was thrilled to see her at GBK and Independent Spirit Awards. Say hi to Dick Clark for me L.D.

After GBK, I called Erik Ellington to come join us for Haven House's gifting suite in the Beverly Hills. Well we got there and they shut the event down two hours early because of some fashion show Russell Simmons was doing. Fashion Show? NYFW is over. So we had a quick chat and planned to reconvene later for the Andaz Hotel x Vanity Fair x Bally party.

We got to the Andaz and they told us we couldn't go up because of a fire hazard. I called my girl Michelle Angeloni (who also used to work with me at BWR) and she bypassed the bullshit and came and got us. We got upstairs and it was nice but NBD. There was a table with Ashton and Demi Moore and a bunch of people hanging around watching them sit but otherwise not much of a crowd (though some HWood notables were in the room that I won't mention because frankly I don't care to give them free press).

EE x Bally.

CH x Bally

We ventured out by the pool to check the rooftop deck and it was much better. As we were doing our thing the techno dance got louder and obnoxious. Here is EE going over to the DJ to tell him to quiet that shit down.

No dice so we bailed downstairs to where the food was flowing and the real party was. It was a virtual reunion of people from my old office. We ate a bunch of great food and had a few too many drinks but then called it an early night. No gift bag but a nice bite for sure. I dropped CH back at the hotel and came back for EE who I found asleep next to the hotel in the alley. Awesome! On another note I convinced him to go to Copenhagen for a skate contest we were invited to. Alcohol RULES!

This a weird lemon called the hand of Buddha.

CH in front of the huge fridge. It was really cool...each rack had one bin of a type of fruit, veggie or meat. The hotel was still the legendary seedy Sunset Hilton (Hyatt?) but they did a great job with the restaurant.

GIFT BAG COUNT: One bottle of ACAI from Amazon Thunder.

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