Monday, February 16, 2009

The Plop Returns - NYC Day 1 (Expose Set Up)

So after a whirlwind trip back East, I am going to break up my trip recap into three different posts. I flew out of LAX on the red eye (though I don't sleep on planes very well I like landing at my destination in the morning so I have the whole day to be productive or to begin getting into trouble) and as I always do when I travel I saw Reverend Run and his wife (I don't know why I always see him). I flew from LAX to DC and then hopped a small commuter to NYC. Waiting on DC I saw R and B artist Mario who is repped by my friend Tammy for PR. We talked a bit of shop and I am going to hook him up with some gear soon. Really nice kid...good luck with the album dropping in June!

In NY, I caught a shuttle to STAY Hotel. My boy Chrisso hooked me up with his friend Sedi Sithebi who got me a ROCKSTARRY ROCKSTAR deal at this great little boutique hotel near Times Square. I normally would never stay near Times Square but it's proximity to the tents and to my event at Bryant Park Hotel was ideal. I hooked Sedi up with a pair of new black skinny jeans I had left over from a stash from my old office. She was stoked.

After settling in to the hotel (thanks for the early check in), I immediately got to work. First, the panelists who I did my panel discussion with met up in the hotel to discuss the night's program. We ate some appetizers and rapped for about an hour and a half getting acquainted and figuring out what we were going to talk about. After that, I had to print out my RSVP lists and finalize my event printing at Staples. When I went to turn my laptop on the power source input broke off rendering the fricking thing useless. Thank god the hotel had a small free-use business center.

Then I tried to rest but went for Ray's eggplant parm pizza instead and got a cannoli after. Met up with my team and lugged 130 pounds of Green Girl totes from my hotel to the Bryant Park Hotel. From 10 pm to about 1:30 am we set up for the next morning.

Here are pics from the day:

Mario passed out on the little 30 person plane from DC to NYC. He was going for a quick in and out meeting.

Jamee Gidwitz, Christine Park, Casey Gillespie and Shoshana Hoffert talk shop over some polenta fries, mac and cheese, and other appetizers about our E. Factor panel after Expose. To think we were a bit worried we would have nothing to discuss...

Jim Mannino of Bold Group/Ricardo Rojas Salon sat there and bossed his workers around while they built the portable RR Salon to go. Such a diva bitch Jim is...not really but that was fun to say.

My lovely staff laid out and stuffed 150 custom Green Girl World tote bags which we gave out to the top editors, stylists, writers and buyers who came to Expose. Everyone loved them except the girls from Intermix were too cool to accept one.

Carolyn Griesmeyer from Stem NYC ( came in with some unreal custom floral arrangements and set them up. They were the first things guests saw when they got off the elevator to come to our event. My favorite was this floral that looked like a red apple. The vase was filled with water and apples as well. If you need amazing flowers for any event in NYC, I suggest checking in with CG.

Next stop - Day 2 (EXPOSE and E. Factor Panel Discussion).

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