Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shameless Shameless PLUGS

What we do best over here at the Plop, besides making fun of innocent people, is promote the crap out of anything we are doing. Even though it falls on deaf ears since nobody reads this shit, here is a list of the latest news to come from our clients:

1) Fresh ink was just laid in a deal that will put Erik Ellington and Geoff Rowley together as the faces of a new skate related product. Look for the announcement to come Sept. 1.

2) Fresh ink is about to be laid in a record deal that will team Flip Skateboards and Volcom Entertainment up to release the incredible soundtrack to the much anticipated "Extremely Sorry" film scored by RPRT client DJ Baron. In other news, "Extremely Sorry" is set to premiere in a series of viewing parties starting Sept. 15th-ish in SF and then OC and then beyond...

3) Johnny Strange has not one, not two but three major production companies courting him to do a TV show set on his life and his next huge stunt.

4) Erik Ellington, Jim Greco and the rest of the Deathwish crew are teaming up with Carey Hart to throw the bender of the year at MAGIC/PROJECT on August 31st at Wasted Space in the Hard Rock Hotel. Guess who will be hustling sponsorship opps??? Hit me up at if you are interested in branding this event.

5) The RPRT website will finally be set to launch by the end of this week. FINALLY.

6) I plucked two white hairs from my head and now look 18 again...even though I am much older.

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