Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AMA Nominations with Jenni Pulos - co-host

So this morning I first thinged it to the Beverly Hills Hotel for the American Music Awards nominations and press conference. Jenni Pulos, a client at RPRT, was named as red carpet co-host for the broadcast so I went to support her. The affair was quite the to do with probably about 50-75 press folks at the event. They even had little pastries.

Anyways, Snoop Dogg, Paula Abdul and Adam Lambert were on hand since they will be presenters to announce the nominations. Snoop was looking dapper in a suit and spectacles with slicked back hair. It was announced that Jenni from the Block, Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys and Adam Lambert will all be performing...you will be able to find me backstage by the bar.

So we are excited about Jenni being involved and are so stoked with the team at Dick Clark for making it happen - Lynda Dorf, Assaf Blecher and Alfred Hopton all worked hard to bring Jenni on board.

Here are some pics and commentary from this morning (wow this post is sooo boring...it reads like a dictionary...forgive me...tonight I am taking Jenni to the Fox Really Awards so hopefully that will be juicier).

I love the Beverly Hills Hotel...really I do but this room was the ultimate in cheese. I forget the name so I will call it the "God Room." The clouds motif and plastic cloud lighting thing were AMAZING...time to update BHH! Liberace died years ago.

Jenni Pulos getting pre-interviewed by Josie Maran. It was pretty amazing when after the interview Jenni gave Josie a high-five...sort of caught her off guard. Can't wait to see what Jenni brings to the carpet.

The co-hosts - Jenni Pulos, Jai (sp?) from the Queer Eye show, some internet girl and Josie Maran.

Lynda Dorf (DCP) giving the pre-conference state of the union. She rocks...Look at our little Alfred in the background looking all business-like in a suit and fresh haircut...

More cameras than at the O.J. trials.

Since I am "back of the room...standing only" guest at everything I attend, I am undoubtedly, with this CRAP Blackberry camera (I am still pissed about being on with BB tech support for 4 hours yesterday only to have them tell me...sorry we can't fix this) going to mess up the money shot. Adam Lambert, Snoop Dee Oh Double Gee and Paula Abdul announce the nominations.

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