Friday, March 12, 2010

A day of legend with Geoff Rowley

So yesterday I spent most of the day out of the office hitting the pavement with Geoff Rowley. No we did not go skate...I refuse to embarrass myself in front of my clients. We hit some meetings.

First meeting was with K2 Communications/Havoc TV (the same people who just produced the 3-D Kelly Slater IMAX film I am still dying to see). We went to discuss several things including a film as well as some stuff for their on-demand offering. Havoc's marketing man is none other than Jim Lindberg (formerly of Pennywise) who I have known for 4 or 5 years. Jim is the man and I am stoked to get to work with someone I used to go watch on stage while we got smashed in the mosh pits...back in the day.

Jim and Geoff. Rock.

Geoff and I then went over to downtown LA to Mr. Cartoon and Estevan Oriol's spot. If you have never been, which you haven't, this place is pretty unbelievable. The history of the place is magic. Estevan's photos are everywhere along with a littering of collabo project's, archived press clippings in the hundreds of thousands, classic lowriders and all sorts of memorabilia. It is a museum of vato culture for sure.

We went to shoot some photos with Estevan and someone else. Can't reveal that someone else because there is going to be a sick piece put together soon (which we will undoubtedly post) on the shoot.

It was a fun day spent with some pretty amazing L.A. icons. I have a cool job despite not making any money...

Click. Clack. Click.

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