Friday, September 17, 2010

NYC Trip with Recap - Curren Caples for NY Times

Just had a mini whirlwind trip to NYC to do a shoot with NY Times Style Magazine with Curren Caples. Curren, his dad Evan and myself went for two days and had a blast. Here are some pics:

After taking the red eye (which I almost missed because I thought I flew out a day later) we landed in NYC at 5 a.m. so needless to say we couldn't check in to our hotels (the Caples had the Soho Trump where we had not one but two Trump sightings..The Donald and Ivanka and I stayed at the Thompson LES in a nice two room suite). So we put up our bags and immediately found the new skatepark at the Piers which was empty besides ourselves and pod of gay black hipster roller bladers (only in NYC). We skated for almost 3 hours (me with a bad back) and had a blast. Though I was boosting HUGE airs, Curren had a few inches of air over mine (or like 6 feet). This kid can FLY!

Leaving the park on the ground of the bike path I found what looks like a 2 carat diamond! Haven't gotten it checked yet but it cuts glass...Cha-ching.

This kid never gets off his he is rolling in the photo studio. He rolled in the airport, in the hotel, down streets, in wonder he rips so damn hard.

Curren got to shoot with very talented photog Sebastian Kim....who also happens to shoot for a little label called Calvin Klein.

Here is an outtake of the little man. I won't show the shots they are picking from but they are INSANE. Everyone was stoked.

Since it was Fashion Week, I spent nights with Chrisso (a Plop regular), Casey, Ange et al. terrorizing a wee bit. We stumbled on a Vans party where I saw more friends I knew then I would if it were LA. Great party, good people, former Expose showcasers, new friends and look...a VANS x RPRT collabo shoe.

Special thanks go out to: Jacob Brown and the entire NY Times crew, Sebastian Kim, Hurley Clothing and my NYC crew...Love you all. I will be back..SOON.


Anonymous said...

Reason enough to drop out of school I guess? I see yet another MTV show on the horizon!! Save your money kid. Teen idols don't last.

Plopculture - an inside look into the inside said...

curren has not dropped out of school. he has home schooling and there will be no MTV show nor is he is a teen idol. if you had any idea of how well this kid skates and surfs you would understand how bright his future will be.